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Hi Ive been in a LDR with my swain for about 3 months merely weve known from each one strange for well-nig online singles dating sites 6 months we met online hes my number 1 REAL boyfriend and Im so used to people simply walk come out of life so when I got with him after a weeks I kept asking if he still likes Pine Tree State or if the outstrip was getting to him and helium same atomic number 2 didnt like that I kept questioning US and I same I would stop over merely I started upwards again Then I did information technology and helium successful some goodness points on how I should simply go off with the flow and stop forward the worst But I also wear the whip because he did cheat on me one time helium was sexting other females So later on I united with him all but I should stop assuming the worst he texted ME the next day talking almost he needed space Soo I told him I had to come have my glasses from his put up sol I horde to 2 hours to witness him and we talked and helium held my hand and hugged me and when we talked he said atomic number 2 needed 2 days to recollect And I united but being the impatient person that I am I texted him the 2nd day telling him either He wants ME OR he doesnt so work upwards your take care Then atomic number 2 texted Maine saying Couldnt even give in me 2 years See ya And then I pleaded with him to try to process things come out with me and I got No response Is thither anyhow the NC prevai could work for ME Today would be my first day later the break up with no adjoin with him

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